Zip Code-Based Streaming TV Advertising

In the ever-changing landscape of advertising comes new opportunities to maximize your brand’s reach and impact. Introducing “Zip Code Based Streaming TV.” Streaming TV has been around for several years now, but strategically targeting the end user at the zip code level is fairly new. In this article, we will define what zip code-based streaming TV is, how it works, who stands to benefit from it and why it’s becoming a game changer in the advertising industry.

What is Zip Code-Based Streaming TV?

First, let’s start with what Streaming TV is. Streaming TV is those commercials you see during breaks when you are watching your favorite shows on streaming platforms such as HULU, Pluto, Crackle, Tubi and so many more. These types of ads can get a bit more costly if an advertiser wishes to get the ads in front of a specific audience on a certain streaming platform. The space can be competitive and adding audience data to the campaign can add to the cost.

Now, how is Zip Code-Based Streaming TV different from the Streaming TV ads we are all familiar with? Zip Code-Based Streaming TV does not layer on “3rd party audience data” to the campaign, making it more affordable. Does that mean Zip Code-Based Streaming TV is less targeted than regular Streaming TV? Short answer, not necessarily. Zip Code-Based Streaming TV uses Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) TV viewing data and U.S. Census data to determine what zip codes have a higher percentage of your targeted audience living within it. Since census data and ACR data are utilized, the ads are still being served to the advertiser’s targeted audience without having to pay the 3rd party data fees.

Who Can Benefit From This?

Zip Code-Based Streaming TV holds immense potential for a wide range of industries seeking to enhance their advertising capabilities. Both local businesses and national businesses can benefit from this. Since Zip Code-Based Streaming TV is affordable, it really bridges the gap for companies that are looking to move advertising dollars from linear TV over to Streaming TV. Zip Code-Based Streaming TV also has a digital attribution component to it showing the effectiveness of the campaign and providing a return on investment for those advertisers that want proven results with their dollars.

Unlocking the Potential of Zip Code-Based Streaming TV

By harnessing the power of Streaming TV and zip code-level demographics, advertisers can reach their desired audience with unparalleled precision and efficiency at an affordable price. If your brand is looking to get in front of your audience in new ways, reach out to our team for more information.


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